Lambda function is a great way to define a function inside a function in C++

Finally, I’ve decided to use some of the features provided by C++11 in my code. I have been programming in Haskell for some time, therefore, I naturally started with lambda function.

Great thing about lambdas is that I can define a function inside a function. In most of the cases it is not necessary and C++ does not allow it anyway (without using structures etc.). But sometimes, ability to declare a function inside another function saves a lot of typing (which you can waste later on writing blogs) and increases readability. On the flip side, not many C++ programmers are familiar with lambdas; so a decision should be taken after consulting your team members.

If you are an experienced programmer who have used lambda before then have a look at this. I have heard some nice things about boost-phoenix library too. This library brings functional programming into C++ world.

I’ve used boost-spirit and I’d recommend to stay away from it for two reasons : error message does not make any sense (I am not comfortable with templates) and it takes a lot of time to compile.


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