Pass Notes : VHDL

Age  At least 2 years older than me.

Appearace Like a programming language.

So it’s not exactly a programming language? No, no. I did not mean that way. It is definitely a programming language. It got its own grammar. But it has a different purpose.

And that is?  To describe and simulate digital systems. It can also be used to verify the functionality of a digital system. It is not suitable for number crunching like C.

Should I be concerned? Not at all unless you are (planning to be) an engineer who will make a living by designing large VLSI systems. But if you are not an (a would be) engineer you shouldn’t be reading it.

Eh, never mind! I am an undergraduate. What can I do with it? You definitely can not solve global warming or make India a safer place for women. Nor it is not going to make you popular with girls or boys. But you it can help you design large digital systems.

How large? As large as the amount of (correct) coding you can do.

It can help me more than Verilog?  It has more advance type system so it can catch more bugs somewhat earlier than Verilog and it has got equally good tool-chains too.

How a strong type system helps me? Ok, lets have two qunatity in C program : int speed and int acceleration representing speed and acceleration. Now adding speed into acceleration does not make sense but you can do it in C.

Oh I see! Then why Verilog is still popular? Verilog is older than VHDL. A lot of legacy designs are already available in Verilog. Plus, people don’t want to learn new language. Industry has already invested a lot in Verilog etc. etc. It’s really not something we should be concerned. It is something those people in two-piece suits are concerned about.

So a stronger type-system is all it got! And you don’t have to worry about blocking and non-blocking statement mixing. Yes isn’t it great!

Not really but this is somewhat cool. I never really understood type theory. So what it has instead of blocking and non-blocking statements? It’s  a note. Not a tutorial. Read a book you sophomore!

No tutorial, Eh! Tell me something cool and I’ll be on my way. It has a free simulator called GHDL now. You can use it to learn it.

Do say  With a strong type-system and a free simulator, I am doing to design the most innovative system ever.

Don’t say Big deal! I did not use Verilog and neither I am going to use it. Where are those ‘how to start a startup’? Learning languages doesn’t make anyone rich!


DISCLAIMER : (This style of ‘Pass Notes’ is a guardian newspaper feature.)


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