A wordpress client to post and update blogs from command line

There is a fascinating python library which uses xmlrpc to communicate with WordPress. Unfortunately it does not support http_proxies yet but he has promised to support it in next release. Till then, one can set-up transparent proxies [See my repository on how to set-up transparent proxies inside IIT Bombay].

Benefits? Nothing unless you are a command like junkie like me. I am editing this post in vim editor and using github to maintain my blogs. When I am satisfied, I’ll update it or create a new post. I can also tags and category to post. And I have all the power of html and vim. Ha ha! With so much power, I’ll bring this world down at its knees.

Till today Sat 23 Mar 2013, I can not send an image with post from terminal. I’ll add this feature in near-future.

This script is available here. If you plan to update it, let me know. There is another script in the same repo blogger.py which does the same stuff with blogspot. I no longer use blogspot therefore I’d not be updating that script.


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