A nice post on how to backup your data in linux using rsync

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Linux has a wide range of applications to perform backups, some of them very powerful. In this howto, I’m going to introduce you to rsync, a powerful yet simple command line application. With rsync we can perform exact copies of directories, partitions or whatever, mantaining the file permissions, soft links, and all. So, you have an exact copy. Running rsync daily allows us to mantain a synchronized copy of a partition to an external hard drive. If something wrong happens, we will have the latest copy of that partition saved in an external device. In my case, I always have an exact synchronized copy of my /home directory. If I have to upgrade my OS, I install the latest OS and then just copy the files to my /home directory without losing permissions, obviously if I mantain the same username.

Backing up with rsync


rsync -av – -stats /sourcedirectory…

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