Some of my faviorite terminal based applications

Some of my favorite applications. Hope, they will serve you as well as they have been serving me. Here is another terminal lover with some hacks.

  • Desktop manager : Xmonad (Haskell), Awesome (lua).  Both are tiling window manager. Useful for programmers. If you don’t want to install Haskell, I’d suggest to use awesome. Using them and configuring them is not easy. You have to know either Haskell or Lua. Learning Lua is easy, Haskell is functional programming language.
  • File browser : ranger.
  • Email client : mutt (what else?). Alpine is also good.
  • DC client : microdc2. Eiskaltdcpp has deamon, limited support for scripting so far). Microdc2 is very lightweight. Good to have if a lot of files gets downloaded from your system. Eiskaltdcpp has spy-mode, you can also see what sort of keywords are being search on network (No prize for guessing most common words! Though the frequencies are bit surprising.)
  •  Markup to various formats : pandoc. This is really cool.
  •  Terminal based IDEs : vim (or Emacs), with respective plugins.
  •  rss2email (google-reader is going away).
  • Music player (mpd + mpc) (Mpd is really light), cmus.
  • Screen (Those who ssh to other machines often : Attaching and detaching session)
  • News reader (slrn).
  • Downloading emails (backup) : getmail4
  • Vimpress (to edit wordpress blogs inside vim) : transparent proxy required if any. You can also have a look at python based library on my github.
  • Web-browser : elinks (works well with mutt to read html emails), lyx.

PS : Vim-lover must try vimpretor addon with Firefox.


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