Plotting — umm coding — figures with PGF

Gnuplot is cool, really cool. But tikz/pgf and pgfplot are cooler (once you learn them).

Pgfplot is for plotting data, and it does its job remarkably well. The best part is that you can script your plot inside your latex documents. PGF is much more powerful, one can draw, ummm code, one’s diagram as well.

I have been using PGF for last two year, albeit sporadically. I have used it to prepare assignments as well coding figures for one or two publications. I’d love to see any other application doing any better than this. Thanks a lot Till Tantau.

I usually embed by graphics in pandoc markdown and use pandoc to convert it to pdf. I am very happy with pandoc.

Here is an example of a drawing I coded with PGF. The full script can be found here.



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