Installing MOOSE simulator in Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

The MOOSE simulator can be obtained from here.  Installing MOOSE requires many dependencies to be installed. To make life easier, I am building MOOSE on launchpad and Open Build Services so that its can be installed using standard package manager.

1. On Ubuntu (12.04 and other LTS)

Following releases are supported: Vivid, Utopic, Trusty, Precise.

Open your terminal, set up the proxy variables (please), and type the following commands:

$ sudo -E add-apt-repository ppa:dilawar/moose
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install moose-gui moose-moogli

Then type moosegui and it will launch the GUI. From python interpretor, import moose will load the moose into python. Happy scripting!

2. RPM based distribution

See this page . And follow the instructions. Just make sure that you have proxy variables setup in your package manager.

Please be careful about it. I am currently testing these packages. You can install the RPM from the MOOSE website. If you find any bug, do report it at our sourceforge page or you can drop and email to me []


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