Performance of random number generator (mersenne twister)

I compared 4 implementations of mersenne twister (mt19937, 32 bit) algorithm: C++-11 standard template library <random>, boost, GNU Scientific Library, and our own implementation for MOOSE simulator. The code is here (You can customize the code to run it on your platform.  You have to disable MOOSE related code.). Flag -O3 flag passed to gcc-4.8 compiler, on OpenSUSE-Leap 42.1 OS.

I generated random numbers in a tight loop of size N. Numbers were stored in a per-initialized vector. For the bench-marking, I subtracted the time taken to put N values into std::vector. I ran the benchmark 5 times for each. Here is a sample run:

Wrote 1000000 sampled to sample_numbers.csv file
GSL random number generator: mt19937
MOOSE=3135507266, STL=2357136044,BOOST=2357136044,GSL=4293858116
MOOSE=1811477324, STL=2546248239,BOOST=2546248239,GSL=699692587
MOOSE=2095834071, STL=3071714933,BOOST=3071714933,GSL=1213834231
MOOSE=258599318, STL=3626093760,BOOST=3626093760,GSL=4068197670
MOOSE=1470212236, STL=2588848963,BOOST=2588848963,GSL=994957275
MOOSE=3009017253, STL=3684848379,BOOST=3684848379,GSL=2082945813
MOOSE=2280525416, STL=2340255427,BOOST=2340255427,GSL=4112332215
MOOSE=2165689929, STL=3638918503,BOOST=3638918503,GSL=3196767107
MOOSE=551388967, STL=1819583497,BOOST=1819583497,GSL=2319469851
MOOSE=368560217, STL=2678185683,BOOST=2678185683,GSL=3178073856
N = 100
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 2.46e-07
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 1.309e-06
 STL starts .. ends. Time 1.6e-07
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 1.54e-07
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 5.07e-07
N = 1000
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 2.26e-07
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 6.63e-06
 STL starts .. ends. Time 3.883e-06
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 2.3e-06
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 5.844e-06
N = 10000
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 1.213e-06
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 6.1885e-05
 STL starts .. ends. Time 4.4721e-05
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 2.4108e-05
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 6.3407e-05
N = 100000
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 1.3876e-05
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 0.000616378
 STL starts .. ends. Time 0.000445375
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 0.00023736
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 0.000630819
N = 1000000
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 0.000281644
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 0.00591533
 STL starts .. ends. Time 0.00426978
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 0.00222824
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 0.00612132
N = 10000000
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 0.00418973
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 0.0574826
 STL starts .. ends. Time 0.0411453
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 0.0204587
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 0.0590613
N = 100000000
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 0.0465758
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 0.569934
 STL starts .. ends. Time 0.399875
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 0.195795
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 0.598316
N = 1000000000
 Baseline (vector storage time) ends. Time 0.458415
 MOOSE start.. ends. Time 5.69154
 STL starts .. ends. Time 4.09148
 BOOST starts .. ends. Time 2.02454
 GSL starts .. ends. Time 5.85985
[100%] Built target run_randnum_benchmark

Here is the summary: boost random number generator is approximately 2x faster than C++-STL <random> implementation. BOOST is approximately 4x faster than GSL (which is as fast as MOOSE random number generator).

MOOSE, C++11 <random> (STL), BOOST, and GSL are compared for mt19937 random number generator. For N > 100 to 10^9 values, run time are plotted in log-scale.
Comparison of speed. GSL and MOOSE are equally fast and slowest. BOOST is the fastest (somewhere around 3x than MOOSE or GSL and 2x than STL).

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