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Benchmark ODE solver: GSL V/s Boost Odeint library

For our neural simulator, MOOSE, we use GNU Scientific Library (GSL) for random number generation, for solving system of non-linear equations, and for solving ODE system. Recently I checked the performance of GSL ode solver V/s Boost ode solver; both … Continue reading

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Derivation of Cable equation

Cable equation has application in computation neuroscience. Following document derives it. Derivation of cable equation

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Simulating Random Walks using Langevin Equation

Random walks (Brownian motions), in addition to their theoretical potency (describes macro-scale behavior of gas starting with micro-scale description), also describes behavior of many processes in nature. A few of them; genetic network, protein expression caused by mRNA,  have been … Continue reading

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Rotation 1, Week 0: Understanding the problem

Its not much one can do in a 6 week rotation in lab, but when Madan Rao asked me to read some literature and if possible do something, I suggested that I will rather work on a problem and read … Continue reading

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