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Benchmark ODE solver: GSL V/s Boost Odeint library

For our neural simulator, MOOSE, we use GNU Scientific Library (GSL) for random number generation, for solving system of non-linear equations, and for solving ODE system. Recently I checked the performance of GSL ode solver V/s Boost ode solver; both … Continue reading

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Computing value of pi using Monte-Carlo sampling

I used Haskell to do this. Code is here I did not use standard System.Random library to generate random number but mwc-random package. I can’t say if speed is better or worse. I wanted to see how fast we converge … Continue reading

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Problem with GINaC library

While modeling a rat’s neuron axon, I needed to do some symbolic computation. I first used sympy. It failed to return any solution. I tried playing with its option but I did not pursue it too much. Then, I went … Continue reading

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Coding with float

Some people trust computer to a degree that they will accept its computation as correct when algorithm is right and program has no bug. Some mistrust it to an extent that they wont trust any calculation returned by it. There … Continue reading

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