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A csv reader based on Haskell-cassava library : performance

I implemented my own csv reader using cassava library. The reader from missingh library was taking too long (~ 17 seconds) for a file with 43200 lines. I compared the result with python-numpy and python-pandas csv reader. Below is rough … Continue reading

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Computing value of pi using Monte-Carlo sampling

I used Haskell to do this. Code is here I did not use standard System.Random library to generate random number but mwc-random package. I can’t say if speed is better or worse. I wanted to see how fast we converge … Continue reading

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Generating random numbers in haskell (fast)

How to generate a list/vector of random numbers (fast) in Haskell. Continue reading

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Hangman in Haskell

I wrote a Haskell implementation of a popular game Hangman. Hangman thinks of a word and tells you its length. You get that many chance to guess it. The procedure of guessing is following assuming length of the word is … Continue reading

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Lobbying for Haskell

… but one must not be surprised if outsiders don’t take Haskell too seriously… [We] say a lot about what functional programming isn’t: It has no assignment, no side effect, no flow of control but not much about what it … Continue reading

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Quine McClusky algorithm in Haskell

A small program tingu is implemented in haskell. It reads minterms from a file and produce the output on console. It is hosted on github. You can use it like ./tingu -i minterms Your minterms should be described in a … Continue reading

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Python like string split in Haskell

Following function split a string into a list of strings at a given string. For example split “dilawar raw war” “aw” returns [“dil”, “ar r” ” war”] split :: String -> String -> [String] split str pat = helper str … Continue reading

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