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Image stabilization using OpenCV

This application deals with video of neural recordings. In such recordings, feature sizes are small. On top of it, recordings are quite noisy. Animal head movements introduces sharp shakes. Out of the box video stabilizer may not work very well … Continue reading

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How to detect architecture (32bit/64bit) of your system using cmake

Use the following snippet if(“${CMAKE_SIZEOF_VOID_P}” EQUAL “8”) MESSAGE(“++ 64 bit architecture”)   #set(LIBSUFFIX “64”)   set(PKGARCH “amd64”)   # set(RPMPKGARCH “x86_64”) else()   MESSAGE(“++ 32 bit architecture”)   # set(LIBSUFFIX “”) # set(PKGARCH “i386”) endif()

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Using mutt – saving password and writing mail in markdown

If I were to be forced to replace my mutt with some other general purpose email client I’d prefer thunderbird with plugin muttator. If you prefer easy to setup and click-based tools then you will not find mutt very exciting, … Continue reading

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Mail server info of National Center for Biological Sciences (NCBS) Bangalore

If you are a mutt user like me and working at NCBS Bangalore, you need to setup your account in mutt as following. Unfortunately, this information is not available on NCBS intranet. set from=”REAL_NAME ” set from=”USER NAME ” set … Continue reading

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Configuring mutt to display ‘attachment missing warning’

This method works if you are using vim as your editor. In file ~/.vim/ftplugin/mail.vim, write this function definition. And in .muttrc, you should have something like this. set editor = “vim -c ‘set spell spelllang=en syntax=mail ft=mail enc=utf-8’ ‘+/^$'” Notice … Continue reading

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Search users on iitb-ldap

This python scripts searches iitb ldap for users. It is a modified version of some other scripts. Script header is not modified and original author still holds the copyright. You need to install python-ldap. I use it with my mutt … Continue reading

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Debugging : A case for ncurses-based console

Where would you log your debug messages when you are designing an algorithm? I tried various things. Used various libraries (apache’s log4cxx is very powerful) for logging and even used database (sqlite3 is my all time favorite for this) to … Continue reading

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